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New York Fashion Week Trends We Rocked in Fall

New York Fashion Week

September is here and that can only mean one thing – New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer! It is out with the old and in with brand new trends in time for 2020. And while I tend to stick to classics, I still LOVE seeing everything our favorite designers come up with.

And, believe me when I say, they pull out all the stops.

From fully neon outfits to feathers EVERYWHERE, designers go above and beyond to bring us our new trends.

Now, if I had to use one word to sum up the trends from last season, that word would be bold. Designers really did not hold back. These looks almost convince ME to go out and get a payday or title loan so I can splurge. So, while we wait anxiously for the reveal of our new trends, I thought now would be a great time to look back at New York Fashion Week fall 2019.

New York Fashion Week Trends We Say Goodbye To

  • Suits for days
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

And when I say suits, I don’t mean for men only. Designers made suits for women in every variety imaginable. Tweed, plaid, silk – whatever you fancy, you could have found it. Authority was the name of the game for women in suits. Sharp shoulders and crisp lines give off the boss feeling while cinched in waists and unique tailoring made way for femininity and an almost undone feeling. I suspect we will be seeing more of the power suits for women in the coming seasons.

  • Preppy-chic
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Oh my, would Blair Waldorf be living with this trend. The preppy look – specifically 70’s inspired – made its way down the runway last season. Designers took this look and put their own stamp on it. The 70’s prep is back with a vengeance. Pleated skirts, blouses with ruffles and bows, and a cardigan or suit jacket all come together for that classic preppy look.

  • Neon dreams
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Now, when I say neon, I mean NEON. Designers really went as bright and as bold as they could with their color choices. Imagine seeing an entire outfit in multiple neon colors. That is exactly what you saw at New York Fashion Week last fall. Talk about making a bold statement, designers really went for it with the use of these colors. They were so bright it started to look less like a fashion show and more like a rave.

  • All hail the tweed
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Yes, I am talking about the British man’s pattern. Tweed made its way in many forms last fall. Capes, dresses, pants – anything you could think of was made with this pattern. Originally made in Scotland for men, this pattern has crossed over into the fashion world and has carved a nice little niche for itself. The best part about this is this pattern can be used in many ways. You can make it the star of your outfit or a cute compliment.

  • Exaggeration in tow
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Whatever the look, best believe it was exaggerated in some way. Over-the-top patterns, crazy fabrics, over sized collars, or insane embellishments all made their appearance on the runway. Feathers, embroidery, embellishments, and accessories were all the rage and made a big impact. There were over sized turtleneck dresses, dresses made completely of colorful feathers and extreme ruffles, and appliques adorned to beautiful gowns.

  • Minimal chic
New York Fashion Week 2019

Now, believe me when I say, minimalism held its own next to all the exaggerated looks. Designers really wanted to show how much you could do with less. Many designers stuck with one color palette or chose trends that were already established and just updated them. Leather dresses tailored in unique shapes, mixing different textures to create one look, or bringing back the pleated skirt – these looks require a little but exude maximum style.

  • Flower power
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Now, this is a trend I am happy about. Floral – like always – was a big hit last season. Designers really focused on floral with dark backgrounds to still give the fall/winter feeling. Flowers took over the runway – as they should. This classic pattern worked in dresses, shirts, skirts, and suits. Placed on top of a dark background, the flowers create the perfect fall feeling.

  • Monochrome is the way to go
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Believe it or not, when it comes to color schemes, monochrome won big last season. Many looks featured outfits completely in one color. Whether it was completely mint green, bright pink, or white, monochrome was in. I personally love the idea of creating an entire outfit with just one color. I think it’s a unique concept to make an outfit stand out with minimal color use. And talk about being bold enough to wear an outfit that is entirely mint green. I mean, come on!

  • Leather weather
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Forget sweater weather; last fall was all about leather weather. Leather was everywhere and in every form. We saw leather dresses, skirts, and jackets. Leather was the perfect way to give any look that edginess while still maintaining their femininity. Who doesn’t love a classic leather look? There is just something about wearing leather that makes you feel like a completely different person. I suspect leather weather is not going anywhere this upcoming season.

  • Cinch it in
New York Fashion Week 2019

Now, cinching clothes in at the waist was a big hit last season. Designers shared a common theme during fashion week: defining the female body. Whether it was a suit, a dress, or a pair of pants, cinching was the go-to fashion trend. And the way they incorporated cinching in completely different looks blew me away. You saw leather dresses cinched at the waist for an edgy but feminine look, a cinched tea-length skirt for a fashionable preppy look, and the boss babe suit for that authoritative-yet-feminine feel. Plus, who can be mad at a trend that makes your waist look small and gives you curves? I know I’m not.

  • Texture everywhere
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Whether it was bold or minimal, texture made a big impact. It didn’t matter what the look called for – from preppy to edgy to sophisticated – you can bet it was textured. Rich velvets, smooth silks, and fluffy feathers were just a few textures you could find at NYFW 2019. You saw fully silky suits that just read elegance and richness. There were so many feathered outfits on the runway as well. And when I say feathers, I mean FEATHERS. There were so many dresses made completely of feathers in multiple colors. You must be bold to be able to wear a dress completely made of the fluffiest and most colorful feathers you could find.

  • Nod to the past
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Not surprising, many designers paid homage to the past when it came to inspiration for their looks. We see this trend every season – and fall of 2019 was no exception. Decades like the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s came back with full force on the runway. We saw the famous prep look, wide-leg trousers, and beautiful jumpsuits. I love when trends come back from the past and are given a fresh, new look. Disco came back in the form of sequins. Designers used sequin embellishments on even their most elegant evening gowns. And, of course, the bright neons also did their part in paying homage to the past.

  • Lace loving
New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

Finally, lace was BIG last season. It made an appearance in many looks – and not only as an addition – but as the center of attention. No longer is lace associated with grandma’s doilies. The most intricate patterns were created using lace. What gave this its fresh, new feel? The fact that designers created midi and maxi dresses that were completely lace. Whether paired with leather or floral, lace dresses gave the models a beautiful delicate look. Nope, no more doilies here. Just beautiful, intricate lace dresses.

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