Shopping Hacks You Need To Know About

Clothes Shopping Hacks To Shop With Ease

Clothes Shopping Hacks We All Need

I love clothes shopping. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love seeing the different colors, fabrics, styles, and shapes of the clothing. Basically, I love everything about clothes shopping.

One thing I don’t love? The prices.

A study shows, no matter how similar an item is between a man and a woman, the woman’s clothing costs much more. I know, how completely unfair.

Does this mean we can only buy the knockoff brands? Well, not exactly! I’ve got 20 great hacks so you can save your money and still rule your next shopping spree.

These clothes shopping hacks will be your perfect companion on your next shopping spree
  • Don’t shop at the first place you go to

There is nothing more upsetting than thinking I’m getting a great deal while clothes shopping – only to find a better one somewhere else. Needless to say, I’ve learned never to buy something if I think I can find a better deal elsewhere.

  • Learn the price codes

Yes, retail stores have price codes. Apparently different prices can tell you if an item is going to be put on sale and what kind of sale it is. Whether something is on final markdown and you should snatch it up now, or it is going to be placed on sale and you should wait, these codes tell everything and we need to learn them.

  • Put what you want in your cart and leave it there 

I came across this little gem not too long ago. Next time you shop online, put whatever it is you want in your cart and wait for a few days. You will more than likely receive an email from the seller of that item offering you special deals on that item! They really want you to complete the sale and buy their items so, if they see you are apprehensive about buying it, they’ll do whatever they can to convince you.

  • Learn what times you should be shopping

I know some women – me, I’m talking about me – say any time is a good time for clothes shopping. In reality, however, there are better times to go shopping that give you the best sales. There is also an app called Shop It To Me that tells you when your favorite clothes go on sale and where.

  • Shop for clothes off-season

Now, I know it feels weird off-season clothes shopping, but think about this. Stores are eager to get rid of their previous seasons’ clothing before their new stuff comes in. You can find major deals on things they want to get rid of.

  • Do not follow trends

I know it’s tempting to follow the latest trends. But, the thing about trends? They don’t last long. And trends can sometimes be extreme and expensive. Instead of following every trend, go and buy the timeless pieces that will always complete your look and keep you looking good.

  • Avoid flash sales

Flash sales are so tempting. The thrill of getting a great deal before the other women in the store is a rush. Your adrenaline is pumping and it almost feels like a high. But, you almost always end up buying things you don’t need or really don’t like. You just buy because it’s a temporary sale and you want in on the excitement. I say avoid them entirely. There will always be more sales – sometimes even better than the flash sale – without the drama.

  • Become friends with the sales associate

Striking up a friendship with an associate at your favorite stores can be beneficial. Be genuine and polite, shop with only that one associate, learn their schedule. Retail associates usually are on commission so this regular business will be good for them. As soon as you are their regular, they can let you in on when pre-sales are going to begin and include you in the friends and family discount.

  • Create your own path around the stores

Not surprisingly, since the majority of us are right-handed and we drive on the right side of the road, our natural instinct is to go right when entering a store. Retailers know this and make sure to market what they really want to sell to the front right of their store. If you make your own path and go left, you can find the deep sale items – especially toward the back of the stores!

  • Shop at the thrift stores and discount stores

Now, don’t knock it till you try it. It takes some work but you can find some pretty awesome stuff at thrift stores and discount stores like Ross or Marshals. I personally love shopping at Ross. I find everything I need and then some for great prices. And, yes, you can definitely find designer brands at these discount stores – they just aren’t allowed to advertise those brands in their ads.

  • Search for coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money while shopping for clothes. But who wants to flip through flyers and newspapers for coupons? We just do not have time for that. RetailMeNot is a great coupon app you definitely need. They have so many coupons and deals for popular retailers and department stores.

  • Use discounted gift cards

Without a doubt, discounted gift cards, like coupons, are great for saving some money. Gift Card Granny is a popular site for buying and selling discounted gift cards. They even have cashback rewards on a number of their gift cards from every kind of store.

  • Look out for a price matching opportunity

Yes, retail stores have price matching. So that shirt you just had to buy? If you see it at a discounted price in that store, you can show your receipt to the sales clerk and they will match the discounted price. Of course, make sure to find out their time limit for price matching; it is usually the same as their return policy.

  • Follow your favorite stores on Facebook

Usually, your favorite stores will post their new shipment or whatever special sales they have going on before you see it in the store. A lot of times you can go to the store and find out you JUST missed their sale! Follow those places closely so you won’t miss out!

  • Know where you get your best bargains

Now, I’ve been shopping for a while and I definitely have my favorite stores. I know which store I need to go to get the best deals on certain things. Like when I need a new graphic tee, I know Rue 21 has very low prices for good quality t-shirts. Learn which stores carry your favorites at the best prices so you can just go straight to those places. 

  • Shop the men’s and juniors sections

You know, we already know that men’s clothing is priced cheaper than ours; so why not take advantage and buy from that section? The juniors section is also cheaper than ours, so if you are petite enough, don’t forget to browse their section too.

  • Shop online

Undoubtedly, online shopping is just the best. You can just type in what you want and, bam, you have a plethora of choices and you didn’t even need to leave your room. The best part? You can find great discounts using sites like Amazon or eBay. Amazon even has its own price tracker that’ll tell you if you are getting the best deal.

  • Check your credit cards for deals

Surprisingly, many credit cards come with some seriously sweet perks. Cards like Discover, Chase, and American Express all offer some nice rewards. Be sure to check if your credit card can actually help you with your shopping spree. You’d be surprised what that little plastic card can do for you.

  • Become a loyal customer

You know, many retailers and department stores have loyalty programs for their regular customers. Loyalty programs help both the store and the customer. You get the perks and they get the business. What a sweet deal. Places like Nordstrom, DSW, Amazon, and many more offer great customer loyalty programs.

  • Read reviews

Now, I must read the reviews on EVERYTHING I buy. Reviews can be the difference between buying from a store and just saving your time and money. I especially read reviews before online shopping on a new site. If I don’t like what I read, I won’t even think of looking at anything on the site. I especially read the bad reviews to see what type of issues people are running into and then I make my decision based on what I read.  

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