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10 Clothes To Elevate Your Work From Home Look

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Beauty bargainers, we are in a very strange time. A lot of you have probably been sent to work from home rather than in an office with your coworkers. And who knows when you’ll be able to get back to normal. Its times like these that may make everything feel unbalanced. And I will be the first to admit that my work from home look has definitely been affected the most – until now that is.

Just because we are working from home, doesn’t mean we have to look like we are working from home. Even if our office is our couch or bedroom, doesn’t mean we have to wear our pajamas all the time; we’ve got to change it up once in a while. And changing it up doesn’t have to be expensive. You should know by now that I got you, beauty bargainers! I can show you how to create perfect work-from-home outfits with simple clothing! You’ll look good, feel more productive, and not break the bank with these 10 options.

Clothes To Up Your Work-From-Home Vibes

  • Joggers

Joggers are perfect for those days where you want to wear something cute while not giving up comfort. While they are sort of like sweatpants, joggers have more shape to them because they are usually tapered at the legs, where sweatpants don’t have too much shape to them at all. And joggers usually are thinner material so your legs breath more. You can style these joggers for either a casual day, a night out, or for a day of lounging around at home; or, in our case, working at home. Pair these with a plain t-shirt and some sneakers and you have a great outfit to work. And of course I know where you can get some nice joggers for a great price! You can get a nice variety of women’s joggers from my go-to site, Amazon.

  • Sweatpants

Of course, if joggers aren’t your thing, you can go to our reliable choice: sweatpants. I love sweatpants! They are so comfortable and come in a variety of designs, fit, fabric, and colors. The best part about sweatpants is the option to dress them up or dress them down while never sacrificing comfort. Pair them with your favorite sneakers and sweater for the ultimate comfortable look or dress them up with a pair of flats or small heels and a t-shirt. Throw on a blazer for a more office-appropriate look for your zoom meetings. Or, opt for sweatpants in a different fabric or fit. You can find a pretty good variety of sweatpants for women when you shop at Kohl’s online.

  • Jumpsuits

Need some variety in your closet? Well, the jumpsuit reigns supreme. You can get a jumpsuit in literally any way you want. Whether you like a tight fit, bold patterns, short, or monochrome, you can find your perfect jumpsuit. I’d say jumpsuits are pajamas’ cousin that thinks they are fancier than they may actually be. You can pair your form-fitting jumpsuit with a blazer for your work meeting or opt for a looser-fitting jumpsuit made of a more breathable fabric and your slides for a more casual, comfortable look. H&M has jumpsuits in every color, fabric, fit, and length you could want – and they are all very decently priced and very cute.

  • Cardigan

Now, if we are talking about cardigans, then I am completely obsessed. There is just something about a cardigan that just completes any look and elevates it. A cardigan is like if a sweater and a jacket came together and made a fashion baby. Whether you want a thick, long cardigan, or a shorter, thinner one, you can get a cardigan however you want. For a look that is both professional-looking and comfortable, you could fashion your cardigan to be a shirt. Just get one that is more fitted, short, and with buttons. You could tuck your cardigan shirt into your jeans to have a polished, office-ready look. Forever 21 has a great variety of cardigans for your every interest.

  • T-Shirt

If you want comfort while still maintaining a good work from home look, a t-shirt should be your go-to. The best part about t-shirts is the variety you get. You can choose ones with different patterns, colors, neck swoops, and even fit. And if you beauty bargainers don’t think you can dress up a t-shirt, you’d be wrong. It is actually possible to dress up your t-shirts to be work-ready. Pair your swoop-neck t-shirt tucked into a long skirt or throw on a blazer over your t-shirt. You can also buy a patterned t-shirt for a little extra something. And of course you can always opt for the classic jeans and t-shirt look. Rue 21 has t-shirts for every mood you are in. Plain, patterned, different neck fits, and in any color you want.

  • Maxi dress

You may be thinking “why would I wear a dress to work from home? That would be uncomfortable.” And, depending on the dress, you could be right. But, if you give maxi dresses a chance, you will discover such a comfortable dress. I love my maxi dress. It is so much more comfortable than any pair of jeans I own. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, fit, and fabric. You can get one that is a little more structured or one that is free-flowing. I personally prefer the flowing ones for lounging around. Old Navy has a great choice of maxi dresses for any woman in any size.

  • Sleep dress

Now before you look at me like I am crazy, just hear me out. There are sleep dresses – or nightgowns – out there that, with a little creativity, can be turned into a work-from-home look in an instant. While this doesn’t work for all sleep dresses; there are some that you can fashion into a cute dress. You could throw on a long cardigan on top, tie a belt around your waist to give you some definition, or just simply tie your hair back and add a headband for a polished look. You can even opt for a sleep dress in a fabric that isn’t the usual cotton – like a silk one. Walmart has a great variety of sleep dresses that you wouldn’t be able to tell they were made to sleep in.

  • Over-sized button down blouse

We all should have a button down blouse in our closets. They can easily become a fashion staple for whatever look you are trying to go for. Now an oversized button down blouse is just adding extra comfort to a timeless piece of clothing. It is easy to fashion this into a comfortable, work-from-home look that you will be obsessed with. You can pair this with your favorite leggings or yoga pants. You can wear a belt around your waist. Or just go full on comfort and throw on your sweatpants and your oversized button down. Again, Amazon is a go-to. You can find a great selection of oversized button down shirts in every color, length, and pattern.

  • Wide leg, flowy pants

I love my wide leg, flowy pants so much. It feels like I have nothing on and they make me look professional with the right pairings. You could pair them with pretty much anything and you will have a good look. Pair them with a button down blouse and some flats, or just grab your favorite t-shirt and sandals. You could throw on a cardigan to really finish the look. Whatever you choose, these pants will give you an office look but still be comfortable to lounge in at home. ASOS has a great variety of wide leg pants for any occasion – especially the working-from-home situation we have going on now.

  • Headbands

It should go without saying that our hair game is slacking while working from home. I know how easy it is to just throw your hair up into a messy bun and call it a day. I’ve pretty much perfected my messy bun at this point! But sometimes you want your hair to look more put-together – especially if you have zoom meetings for work. Instead of spending your time doing your hair just for a meeting, a headband could work wonders. A headband can also be the touch to complete your work from home look

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