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fashionable face masks to stay stylish and safe
Fashion Trends And Tips So You Can Look Amazing

Fashionable Face Masks To Stay Stylish And Safe

In these crazy time of the coronavirus, one thing is for sure: fashionable face masks have become our newest must-have. And masks are not just for medical professionals or essential workers; the CDC has also said you should be wearing a cloth face mask wherever social distancing is not possible. And many public establishments have …

Upcycled clothing to create
Fashion Trends And Tips So You Can Look Amazing

Upcycled Clothing You Just Have To Create Yourself

Upcycled clothing is the way to go. For those that don’t know, the act of upcycling basically means to take something old or used and turn it into something new. And what better way to do that than with our clothes.   I’ll admit, I love shopping for clothes. It’s also fun learning what the …

Fashion Trends And Tips So You Can Look Amazing

Spring Fashion Week 2020 Will Rock Spring

Spring Fashion Week 2020 just killed the fashion game. There you have it, bargainers, New York Fashion Week Spring has ended. Now we get to soak in the new trends we will be seeing in our favorite stores. So long fall clothes, make way for what’ll be our favorite spring wardrobe. And the designers did …